Eating well just got so much easier.

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Cooking healthy food is my jam.

I work with local farms to create amazingly delicious, colorful meals for clients who are committed to improving their health.

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Do you find yourself:

> Working to improve health and manage symptoms through diet and lifestyle?

> Dealing with a recent diagnoses and wondering how food can be part of your healing process?

> Passionate about eating well, but can't find the time to cook healthy meals?

> Looking to eat healthier and try new things, but not quite sure where to start?

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Ready to see how I can help?


Client Complements

My experience with Contigo Kitchen has been derived directly from Jenny’s nature. She contacted me after hearing from my sister that I have stage 3 breast cancer. The relationship that Jenny has with pure ingredients has specifically supported me in intense fatigue from the chemotherapy. My body and mind have directly benefited from Jenny’s consciousness and healing intention of everything she offers. One of the unexpected benefits was the emotional support I received from Contigo services. I appreciated feeling cared for. Food is love, it’s spiritual, its self worth, it’s connection, it’s a cycle of life......all of which Contigo is based on. I am so grateful to Jenny and the Contigo philosophy .... it enables me to heal during a difficult time. Wait.....Did I mention how delicious the food is?!? Flavors are full, bright, clean, deep, rich in culture, simply freakin good!
— Melissa Young
Jenny’s cooking is amazing. Meals were full of flavor and incredibly convenient. I loved how healthy they were too. She appreciated consistent feedback and helped tailor menus to our preferences. My blood sugar dropped, so that was an obvious plus, and in general I felt more energetic.
— MZiegler
The food has been easier to prepare than anticipated and we’ve enjoyed trying new things. We really enjoy the simplicity and freshness of the meals as well. We definitely have less stress around dinner time knowing we have a meal ready to heat and eat when we get home. The best part is not having to cook. It’s that simple!
— Eric & Emma